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 la Storia

    Welcome to Quartz Hill Estates. We would love to take a moment to share some of the history of this magical property with you. Our unique venue began as a farmers market and settling home for Italian Immigrants. Some of the first immigrants ever to settle in California stayed within the walls and on the grounds of this very ranch. It was known as the Lower Italian Gardens. Men and women traveled from Italy to create a new story for themselves and their families.... just as you will do as you begin this next chapter of your lives .


    The "Cook House" was once a home for many Italian immigrants. It was their starting point here in California. Many families came through that home working the ranch and saving their earnings until they could buy into the Italian Gardens as well. It was as if it were a foster home for immigrants, providing the safety, warmth, and comfort they needed while they worked their way to the next chapter of their own story. We now use the Cook House as the "Hen's Den," where the bridesmaids, mother of the bride, and bride stay Friday evening for one last slumber party! We invite the girls to cook together, drink together, and laugh together, just as we imagine the Italian families did before. We hope the Cook House will become a place where life long memories are made, providing the comfort and love needed to send our brides off onto their next chapter.



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